I am Veronica Arevalo, accomplished wedding photographer who loves to challenge herself creativity and technically. 

I am originally from Chile, have been living in Dubrovnik, Croatia, for many years. Before becoming "Croatian bride", I have been living and working as a photographer in several different countries. I embrace an international outlook in my life and work.  

Photography is my life, weddings are my passion. I'm motivated by capturing the essence of weddings: moments of presence and connections between people. My aim is to photograph you as you are, "off guard" - at some of the most special experiences of your life.  

The most of my work are international weddings across Dubrovnik and Adriatic Islands, however, if you are interested in different wedding locations I would be happy to accommodate you. 


Email me info@svadbasphotography.com 

Call me +385 994010135 ( WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger) 

Find me in Facebook and Instagram 


Thanks to Katija Zivkovic for the photos! 

































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